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Why should I consider solar panels for my business?

Despite the recent cuts to the PLN tariff, solar panels are still a viable option that should be a serious consideration for businesses all over the world for one or more of the following reasons;

Save money

Solar panels help your business save money by generating free, green electricity to be used onsite, lowering your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and saving you thousands of pounds every year on energy bills.

Save the environment

Generating your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon output and could offset most, if not all, of your business’ carbon emissions. With climate change a major topic of concern at the moment, green initiatives are a popular strategy for a business to achieve competitive advantage in their industry and strengthen relationships with their supplychain and customers.

Energy security

It’s an alarming reality that the PLN is currently struggling to generate significant electricity supply to meet the growing demands. The cost of your business going off-grid needs to be considered against a solar panel installation that would keep you in supply should the unthinkable happen. The Government have already introduced mandatory energy audits from large businesses, hinting that future energy usage from the grid could also be regulated.

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