Residential PV Kits

Sunergi Residential PV Kits are the most cost effective and easy PV solution available for home use. They are ideally suited for any household that is looking to reduce energy costs using an efficient and clean energy system.

For home owners in Indonesia we recommend 2 different solutions:

1. Grid-tied solar power system in which it is directly connected to the home’s electric panel and electric utility grid. On-grid systems allow homeowners to get power from either their solar electric system or the utility grid, switching seamlessly between the grid-tied PV system and the grid. When your grid-tied system is producing more power than your home is consuming, the excess power can often be sold back to the utility in a practice known as net metering. When your system is not producing sufficient power or during non-daylight hours your home can draw power from the utility grid.

2. Hybrid smart grid solar power system which is provided with batteries to allow backup whenever the utility fails. This system features self-use of solar power while the excess power can be optionally sold to the utility grid. It is on-grid and off-grid features in one system.

Common Applications:

Homes and shop houses
Hotel, villas, hostels
Office buildings

Product Benefits:

Generate your own electricity reduce your bill
Increase the value of your home
Hedge yourself against future utility increases

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