Power Your Business With Greener, Cheaper Energy 

Solar energy makes perfect sense for commercial and industrial facilities as the majority of power is consumed during daylight hours. The sun is a source of energy that is freely available for anyone. So, why don’t use it to power your business? Ask for a consultation: We will be pleased to show you the advantages of solar energy and how we use solar energy to gain energy independence and make your business more profitable. Start your solar investment today!


Reduce Electricity Cost & Volatility

With ever increasing price, electricity cost is a significant factor. Even small businesses will find that lighting, air conditioning and computers make for a fairly consistent base load.

While electricity price continues to rise, your solar system is always producing at the same cost.

This advantage means that you are protected against the unpredictable increase and your saving in electricity cost year after year.

Good Return of Investment

SUNERGI have extensive experience to guide you to the right power and the solution to give your business the most optimum performance and fastest return of investment.

As solar system is expected to generate electricity 25+ years, we only choose the top quality components to be included in our system.

Because Sunergi Solar System is a long term, secure and profitable investment for your business, a good rate of return is guaranteed.


Our Commercial & Industrial Installation Examples

Do You Want to Reduce Your OPEX and Become Carbon Neutral?

We live close to equator blessed with abundant solar irradiation 365 days all year round to harvest. Feel free to get in touch with us and receive a non-binding offer.