Your Home, Your Power, Your Control

An average household can save up to 50% on their annual electricity bill.

Whether you’re a home owner, business, or nonprofit, electricity bill can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses.

Becoming completely self-sufficient and independent from increasing electricity bill is the aim of many homeowners. Therefore, SUNERGI design and install solar system for your home to give you optimum return at affordable prices. 

Understand Your Saving

By investing in a solar system you can shave off your electricity bill and protect it against unpredictable increase.

SUNERGI provide best protection for your investment

Product Warranty

Service and Install


We Design The Right Solution For You

SUNERGI provide consultation to ensure that the system is able to give you optimum return. This involves understanding your energy needs and building architectural style. 

The Right System For You

There are three main configurations of solar power system which can be used for your home or shophouse, designed to suit different situations and different requirements, with variables in set up and the components that are used. SUNERGI configure the system as a custom installation particular to your site and needs.

Grid-Tie Home System

Sungrid Paket (PDF)

Smart-Hybrid Home System

Sunsmart Paket (PDF)

Off-Grid Home System

SUNERGI have years of experience, expertise and knowlege to implement the best residential solar setup for your situation.

Imeon Energy- Monitoring-tablette supervision

Watch Your Saving Real Time

Our online monitoring allows you to view your saving realtime. More importantly, SUNERGI continuously monitors your system performance to ensure it is running smoothly. In the unlikely event that your system underperforms, we will alert you and help to remedy the situation.

Flexibility For Your Future Plan

We design your system with flexibility in mind. We understand your life and energy needs will evolve during the system 25+ yrs lifespan. That’s why our system is build for modular easy movement and flexibility to expansion , reduction and relocation needs. 


Do You Want to Slash Off Your Electricity Bill?

We live close to equator blessed with abundant solar irradiation 365 days all year round to harvest. Feel free to get in touch with us and receive a non-binding offer.