Reliable, Economical, Sustainable

Started in 2011 as an off-grid specialist, Sunergi Solar is a group of enthusiasts who want to bridge the energy needs of rural areas in Indonesia with reliable, economical, and sustainable solutions. Our business is founded on strong electrical and mechanical engineering, backed by a skilled and experienced team. Compared to any other solar companies in the country, we have extended experience not only in the number and size but also the variety of projects. With continuous innovation, Sunergi Solar caters to total EPC solutions for solar energy.

Technology Partner

SunPower Maxeon Technology Solar Panel

Sunergi Solar is the official distributor of SunPower Maxeon Technology in Indonesia. Our solar panels are of the highest quality and have SNI certification. We provide clean and sustainable energy solutions for homes, offices, and industries. Choose us for your solar needs and experience the benefits of cleaner energy.

Solis Inverter

Sunergi Solar has partnered with Solis, a reputable inverter brand since 2017. Our distribution of Solis inverters has provided reliable solutions for solar energy distribution, making us a market leader in Indonesia’s renewable energy space.

Dyness Lithium Battery

Dyness is a highly reputable manufacturer of lithium batteries with a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality.