What is Hybrid Solar Power System?

Hybrid System combines the solar energy system connected to the PLN electricity network (On-Grid System) and the battery as the storage system. What are the benefits?

Types of Residential Solar Hybrid System

Hybrid System for residential can fall into three categories: Hybrid (On-Grid) All In One, Hybrid DC/AC Coupled, and Off-Grid System.

Hybrid (On Grid) All In One System

Benefits of Hybrid (On Grid) All In One System are: 

  • Integrated and more compact, save space and neat
  • Intelligent control for selecting working modes according to the demand: self-use mode, backup mode, and time-setting mode
Hybrid (On Grid) All In One
Hybrid DC/AC Coupled System

This system is used to add a battery to an existing On Grid System. The advantage of this system is that it provides an easier and more cost-effective way of adding Battery System into an existing On Grid System.

Hybrid DC/AC Coupled

Why choose Hybrid System over Battery-less System?

1. Avoild Power Outage

It can provide emergency backup during PLN power outage. On-Grid System is required to not functioning during PLN power network disruption, with its “Anti-Islanding Feature”. The purpose is to protect workers repairing the network from electric shock. A properly designed Hybrid system will isolate the network inside the house and transform it into a separate network system. With technological advancements, more household appliances use electricity such as air conditioners, water heaters, electric stoves, electric ovens, and even electric vehicles, increasing electricity consumption. A large demand spike can cause power network failures, making it vulnerable to outages.

2. Maximizing the use of electricity from solar panels to reduce electricity bills. 

You may not want to export electricity generated from your solar power system with values lower than the imported electricity tariff, so it’s better to save it for later use.