Hybrid System

Hybrid solar power system works in the same way as grid-tie solar power system but use batteries to store energy for later use i.e. at night. This ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply during a blackout, similar to a UPS system.

You need to consider a hybrid solar system instead of a regular battery-free system because:

1. To keep the electricity flowing if the grid goes down

Grid-tie solar power system shuts down if it detects failure on the grid. This is called ‘anti-islanding feature’ which is meant to protect any lineworkers making repairs to the wires outside your home. A properly designed hybrid solar system can safely disconnect your house from the grid in the event of a power outage, and turn your house into a little mini grid. 

2. To maximize your bill saving at any cost

You may feel that it’s unfair to send your generated solar electricity into the grid for less from what you pay to the power company. So, rather than sending your excess to the grid, you can store it and use it all later.  

3. To overcome solar system ‘export limits’ imposed by your local electricity network

A smart hybrid inverter that works in tandem with your battery bank allows you to choose whether to export or not to export and to configure maximum export rate to the grid, if you don’t want to deal with export system and its limitation.

Hybrid system is also at least half the price of an off-grid system and doesn’t require genset back up. It’s still more expensive than a purely grid-tie system, but the benefits of solar batteries are persuading an increasing number of people to pay the premium.

How hybrid works

Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it to DC electricity, then inverter converts it to regular household AC power.

The inverter sends the power to the mains switchboard for use in your home.

When there is excess power being generated by the panels, the inverter sends it to a battery bank for storage. If the batteries are full, it is feed into the grid.

If the panels are not producing enough power to meet consumption i.e. at night, electricity is drawn from the batteries, converted and sent to the switchboard. When there is not enough power in the batteries, or you want to save it for another time, electricity is fed in from the grid to power the switchboard.

When there is power cut, you still can get the electricity but only on selected loads according to the inverter and battery capacity.

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Solis energy storage inverter is a good choice for on/ off-grid integrated storage solutions
1. Higher incomes: select the electricity consumption mode in real time according to the market price;
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4. Perfect switch: it’s less than 20ms from the grid

AC coupled system can achieve higher system power and is much more suitable for commercial project, which works at higher DC solar voltages results in lower solar array wiring losses. In the meantime, AC coupled offers greater flexibility about the placement of solar arrays or other electrical equipment.

TBB Power Kinergier Pro is the new generation inverter charger designed for various types of off grid systems including AC coupling system, DC coupling system and generator hybrid system. It can provide UPS class switching speed and with capability to support parallel as well as composing three phase system.
ce to generator or grid.

Using quality components makes a big difference

There are so many different products available in the market, how do you know what is good, bad, or best suited to your particular situation? 

Even not all ‘Tier-1’ solar panels are equal; major differences in quality can be found even among ‘Tier-1’ panels.

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