Know the Product

Bifacial PV modules convert both front- and back-side irradiance into electricity. This bifacial boost improves solar project performance both in terms of yield and the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Due to these benefits, bifacial PV modules are increasingly popular in a variety of solar applications including awnings, canopies and ground mounts.

Bifacial glass technology is the preferred material among manufacturers for the rear side cover of the modules. Some key advantages of the glass-glass structure are:

  • Better light transmittance
  • Less degradation
  • Zero risk of water permeability
  • Weather ability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

An innovative shingled cell design re-engineers conventional solar technology for added strength and enhanced performance.

  • Conductive adhesives developed for aerospace reinforce cell connections to withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings.
  • Redundant cell connections mitigate the impacts of cell cracks on power output by creating flexible paths for electricity flow.
  • Proprietary encapsulants protect cells and minimise degradation from environmental exposure.

Video: The hypercell—the unique and innovative backbone behind SunPower® Performance panels maximises panel durability to drive more energy and greater savings over the life of your system.

The ability to bend where others break

Video: The advanced engineering and material science behind SunPower’s Performance panels (on the left) enables cells to stand up more robustly to mechanical stresses relative to standard front-contact mono PERC cells (on the right). The electroluminescence scans seen here show the results from a force of nearly 400 Newtons being applied to the cells in a test environment.